Roof replacement or roof restoration? First, look at cost.
Second, call Van Tuinen!

Looking for professionals to help you with your Metal Roof Painting & Metal Roof Coatings?

Advancing our top-rated 46-year reputation for quality painting services, Van Tuinen Painting now offers the same high end standard for roof restoration backed by another trusted name…Conklin Roofing Systems. Conklin has been universally recognized for superior metal roof coatings for over 40 years. Consider this. Roof restoration can leverage up to 60% savings over roof replacement.

And there’s no work flow disruption!

Detailed prep and repair including power washing, patch and caulk, full coverage prime coat and a final spray finish of time-proven acrylic elasticized polymeric coating for many years of protection

  • Ten-year systems warranty and three year patch warranty
  • Guaranteed leak-free results
  • Commercial and residential services
  • Metal roofs
  • Low slope roofs

This system creates a truly seamless roof coating!

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