Looking for exterior painting professionals?

Michigan’s weather is tough on exterior paint. Our Kalamazoo customers count on us for thorough preparation, quality materials and the best application techniques. Our courteous, uniformed painters will maintain a clean work site. They’ll also protect your landscaping and communicate daily to make the painting experience a pleasant one for you. Contact us today!

Why should you hire Van Tuinen Painting to do your exterior painting? What sets us apart from other painters?

Forty six years serving Southwest Michigan. Over 10,000 paint jobs completed in the area.  And we never stop striving to improve our quality of service.

Our painters must pass a background check and drug test before they can work in your home or business. Frankly, we don’t have a lot of turnover at Van Tuinen Painting. Our employees average 10 years of service with us.  

Our painters take uncommon pride in their work. They know that ultimately you’re the person writing their paycheck. 97% of our customers gave us the highest possible rating in our customer surveys in 2018. We’re not perfect, but we’re working on it.

Communication! We are in touch with you from the start of the project until the very end.  You will have our office and cell phone numbers.  We respond to your questions as promptly as possible. Our customers frequently comment that we make the intrusion of being guests at their home or business as minimal as possible.

Attention to detail. When we think the job is done we check our work over once more to make sure it’s right.

An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. A safe work environment for our employees.  We care about our community and annually provide free painting services to Southwest Michigan charitable organizations.

Southwest Michigan’s climate is tough on exterior paint. To ensure that we give you the best possible exterior painting job, we are exceptionally thorough with our surface preparation. More than anything, this is critical to a long lasting paint job. This includes:

  • A thorough, but gentle, power washing to remove dirt, mildew, etc. Paint doesn’t stick to a dirty surface.
  • Scrape, scrape, scrape to remove loose paint. When we think the surface has been scraped well enough, scrape it again. Once again, paint doesn’t stick to loose paint.
  • Patch holes — with the appropriate patching material. Caulk open seams — with a superior grade caulk. Glaze windows where needed — again, with the appropriate material.
  • Cover and protect. We don’t want to paint your sidewalk, your light fixtures, your bushes. A simple procedure, but not all painters pay such close attention to this.
  • Apply only the best premium grade paints on the market. We’ve learned over the years which Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Pratt & Lambert Paint is appropriate for various substrates. We never use inferior products.
  • Cleanup. Another simple task, but one overlooked by others. When the work is complete, tidy up the work site.

If your home or business requires repairs to the wood siding, stucco, roof, gutters or other surfaces, we will refer you to a reliable contractor who can take care of this. If you wish, we will get the proposal from another contractor and coordinate their work with ours. We don’t let our painters PLAY carpenter.