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Southwest Michigan’s climate extremes are hard on exterior wood siding and trim. Cold winters combined with hot summers and the effects of the sun will deteriorate wood siding that hasn’t been treated with exterior staining.

At Van Tuinen Painting we have the know-how to prep and stain your home to look like brand new. Our thorough surface preparation includes a gentle power washing to remove dirt, mold, mildew and other contaminants. We’ll scrape and sand peeling surfaces and prime any bare wood. Holes and cracks are patched or caulked to insure a smooth substrate.

Once the all-important prep work is complete, we’ll apply a premium grade 100% acrylic latex solid or semi-transparent stain. If your home is to be spray painted, we thoroughly mask and protect surfaces such as bushes, decks, windows, light fixtures and the like. We always apply the stain according to the manufacturer’s specification.

The finished product will protect your wood siding and make your house look like brand new. Our stain jobs will usually last for 7–10 years. And as always, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with your exterior staining job. Contact us today!

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